Michael Murphy's Lyrics

Face of Man

I’m the man with gun in hand,
That shot John Kennedy down.
I’m the man with babe in arms.
And I’m the circus clown.
I’m the man who goes to war,
And the man who stays at home.
I’m the man in a city crowd,
Who’s feeling all alone.
All the faces run together,
Until you understand,
That all the faces in this whole world,
Reflect the face of man.
I’m the man with club in hand,
Who stands by the schoolhouse door.
I’m the man who’s got the power,
And all I want is more.
I’m the man whose loneliness
Is bigger than my life,
And I’m the man who gives a damn,
About the pain and strife.

A Case of Do or Die

They’re callin’ names out in the mountains,
Electric sparks are out to play,
Just like Diego Rivera,
Paintin’ pictures never thinkin’ that we’re goin’ away.
Mexico is like we’re dreamin’,
And never wantin’ to awake.
We’re alive because we want it,
Feelin’ words that we’re never gonna say/

It’s a case of do or die,
A brief hello and then goodbye,
South of the border of knowin’ right from wrong.
Just a case of do or die,
Makin’ love not askin’ why,
Te amo, adios and we’re gone/

Dreams are dancin’ on verandas,
Terracotta in the rain,
Uno mas grande tequila,
We’re about to reach the place that we can feel no more pain.
We’re just outlaws turned to dreamers,
Hangin’ up the guns for good.
Desperado and a lover,
Stayin’ longer if we could/